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Conservation Initiatives

Stop the Snapping Turtle Harvest

OTCC collaborates with Ontario Nature and the David Suzuki Foundation to survey mercury and PCB levels in snapping turtles. “The Road to Extinction” was published in support of the discontinuation of the harvest of snapping turtles in Ontario. Read More

Saving Blanding’s Turtles

In 2012, we started a field project funded by the Species at Risk Stewardship Fund entitled “Mitigation of Threats to At Risk Turtles at a Road Mortality Hotspot”. KTTC gives Blanding’s turtles a “headstart” and tracks their survival and movements in the wetlands using radio telemetry. Read More

Screening Turtles for Diseases

OTCC has partnered with Dr Doug Campbell of the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre to screen turtles killed on roads for disease. The results will increase our knowledge of what diseases or issues are affecting normal wild populations in Ontario.

Ranavirus in Ontario Turtles

We have applied for funding for a survey for Ranavirus in Ontario’s turtles in 2014. Ranavirus is an emerging disease of fish, amphibians and reptiles. There have been no studies to date on the distribution of the disease in Ontario turtles.

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